Get More Out of Dance

What can I do about my nerves?

How can I manage my time more effectively?

Sometimes I feel exhausted, could it be mental exhaustion?

How can I be less perfectionistic?

How can I improve my body image? It’s complex for dancers.

How do I know if I want to dance professionally?

Is it time to train full time?

I don’t like looking in the mirror, but I need to. How can I overcome this?

Am I ready to retire?

Remembering choreography is difficult for me. What strategies can I use?

How can I possibly move away from my family to train full time?

What We Do

Psychologists at FOCUS Performance Psychology work with dancers to support them to achieve their potential. There are physical, technical, performance and psychological aspects to dance and all need to come together for a dancer to achieve their potential.

Our Psychologists work with developing and professional dancers studying locally, nationally and overseas. We provide individual assessments and consultations, as well as online programs and performance psychology workshops. We offer tailored lectures for educational providers, present at forums and write dance articles for different forums.

What We Offer

FOCUS Performance Psychology support dancers with:

  • Goal development
  • Recovery and restoration
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Relationships
  • Understanding personality, including perfectionism, and making your traits work for you
  • Communication skills
  • Eliciting emotions in performance
  • Optimising memory
  • Understanding personal identity and values
  • Decision making
  • Juggling life demands
  • Body image
  • Mental health concerns
  • Adjustment and change
    And more