What We Do

FOCUS Performance Psychology’s delivers Performance Enhancement, Team and Leadership training programs

  • Team building and leadership training
  • Performance Management Strategies
  • Personnel Management
  • Psychological Assessment and Profiling
  • Stress and time management
  • Communication skills
  • Anxiety management and relaxation
  • Concentration and mental preparation
  • Debriefing and program evaluation


Extra support for individuals or teams:

  • The Business Olympics
  • Performing with Pressure
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Outer Edge -> Adventure Program
  • Conflict resolution
  • Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours
  • Mentoring Program
  • Feedback Programs
  • Keynote Presentations and Talks
  • Corporate Teambuilding games & activities
  • Motivation Techniques (Gen X and Y)
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • (including 360 degree feedback process)
  • Change management and behavioural change support during ITM system implementation (recruitment, performance, development and succession systems)
  • High potential development programs and leadership programs

Some of our clients to date include:

Dow Corning
APEX Health

How We Work

Here’s a sample of some of the approaches to corporate team building and development that we use.

1. Experiential learning uses tasks and fun team building activities that the team undertakes either indoors or outdoors. Participants learn how to communicate in a group, how to act creatively, provide leadership and direction. We place great importance on de-briefing each activity as it’s in the observation, reflection and analysis that the real learning is captured.

2. Classroom based teambuilding workshops look at developing team skills and understanding the need for good teamwork. We look at how to build trust, share information and give feedback, conflict resolution, understanding personality differences and behaviours.

3. In-depth teamwork looks at where conflict happens at work, why it happens, what the blocks are and how to solve it. We’d work with the team over a period of time rather than conduct an ‘event’ and have our consultant really get to know the team and build trust. This approach is challenging but invariably gets stronger results.

4. There is a fourth type of team building event we are able to facilitate and that is simply helping a team or company learn and have fun. This may be designing and running activities at a conference or off site event. We have the expertise to help make your event a success with energising, enjoyable games for team building that still provide learning and inspiration.

Most Businesses, like most Sporting Teams, can be more successful, don’t like pressure and don’t like change.

How important it that your business be different??