FOCUS Performance Psychology provide Sport and Performance Psychology services for individuals, teams and corporate organisations.

Consulting from multiple locations around Sydney, and with the addition of online and telephone sessions, the experienced Sport and Performance Psychologists are available to assist you, your athletes, and business.


Get More Out of Yourself

How do I prepare mentally for competition and pressure?

Should I be more mentally tough?

How do I get the most out of myself?

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Get More Out of Dance

What can I do about my nerves?

Sometimes I feel exhausted, could it be mental exhaustion?

How can I improve my body image? It’s complex for dancers.

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Get More Out of Life

How do I take better care of my mental health?

How can I achieve life balance?

What can I do about feeling overwhelmed?

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Get More Out of Your Team

How is the pressure getting to me?

How am I leading my team?

Have I got the balance right?

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